Mu UniApp

Home of your private network owned by a registered digital agent (email). Investor - - is a specialized Civil Society, dedicating to enable you - an investor - being an ambassador of what you have a stake in.

Container-based micro services - injecting positive and normative suggestions for Right Effort in both consumptions and productions - can speed up the process of knowing more about yourself, Making Life Easier and Happier.

Besides reasonable ROI, you want capital - [ Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital ] - working for your Sweeet Spot of 'the Right Thing to do' and 'the Right Way to do' in using your 'Unique Comparative Advantages' to make Things happened for yourself and others that may be sustainable beyond your life time.

It is a typical Civil Sosiety, riding on Do-It-Yourself IoT (Internet of Things) DIY Private Cloud and mostly Free minimum Services from Cloud providers until your Plan / Project is sustainable. We work out the solutions and publicly Share in a Forum where you can be a part.